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A simple crawler in python
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The crawler does the following things

1) Find out the languages in which the person has written the code
2) Find out the number of owned repositories and forked repositories
3) Find out the number of followers
4) Calculate the statistics of the repositories

The statistics are calcualtes on the following criteria

1) Number of lines of code
2) Number of forks, taking in account the statistics of users that have forked the repository
3) Number of watchers, taking in account the users those who are watching the repository

In case of forked repositories, it checks for user's contribution to the repository 
by checking whether the pull requests have been accepted or not.

At the end it generates a metric depending on all the values that have been 
calcualted above.

python <username>
python sachingupta006


install libxml2 from here

install libxslt from here

sudo apt_get install python2.7-dev
easy_install,* lxml
easy_install iso8601
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