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Cheat Sheet


Using Jupyter Notebooks

  • shift+enter: run cell
  • a: insert cell above
  • b: insert cell below
  • dd: delete cell
  • Use an exclamation mark in the command to use linux commands. eg. !mkdir data will make a data directory.

Typical keras model

Before you jump in to copying and pasting the model below answer these questions:

  1. Is it a regression/binary classifiction/ multi class classification problem? see activation and loss function
  2. Is the X data real (floating point) numbers? Then normalise it so that \begin{align} X_{new} = \frac{X - mean(X)}{stddev(X)} \end{align}. Same with y.
  3. Is the X data categorical? (eg. words, colours, car type). Then create a dictionary that will map categories to numbers. Then use the Embedding layer to input the data.
from keras.layers import Dense, Activation

# Must provide either input_dim or input_shape for the **first layer only**
model.add(Dense(units=64, input_dim=100, activation='relu'))


Whatever the layer that you need, you simply add it (eg. model.add(LSTM(...)), model.add(Dropout(...))).

Training the model:, y_train, epochs=5, batch_size=256)

Predicting with model:

model.predict(X_train, batch_size=256)

Final Activation function

  1. Regression - None or 'linear' (no activation implies linear)
  2. Classifiction (two classes) - 'sigmoid'
  3. Classifiction (multiple classes) - 'softmax'

Loss function

  1. Regression - 'mean_squared_error'
  2. Classifiction (two classes) - 'binary_crossentropy'
  3. Classifiction (multiple classes) - 'sparse_categorical_crossentropy' It is sparse since with the other option 'categorical_crossentropy' you need to provide a one hot encoded version of the classes.