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Additional instructions for Windows users

Install VirtualBox from here. You may also need git if you have not installed it already from here.

  1. Enable the port 9000
"/C/Program Files/Oracle/VirtualBox/VBoxManage" modifyvm default --natpf1 "jupyter,tcp,,9000,,9000"
  1. Share the folder where you have downloaded the repo. Open a terminal with bash support:
  • Mount the folder on the VM, this is needed only once:
"/C/Program Files/Oracle/VirtualBox/VBoxManage" sharedfolder add default -name deepschool -hostpath d:/github/ --automount
  • Access the virtual image
docker-machine ssh default
  • Create the folder:
sudo mkdir /deep_school
  • Mount the shared folder into the container (you will have to repeat this step every time):
sudo mount -t vboxsf deepschool /deep_school
  • When you want to launch the container:
docker run -v /deep_school:/notebook -p 9000:8888 deepschoolio_app