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SACIDS Techno - Health surveillance tool: Server IS - Aggregate and Feedback
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Afyadata Manager

A guide to getting started contributing on this project


  1. Make sure you have Apache server or XAMPP installed
  2. PHP version 5.4 and above is required
  3. MySQL database installed
  4. php-cli is required to execute php files on command line

Clone this project to your local machine from SACIDS Afyadata Manager

Setting up your database
  • Create a MySQL database
  • Change database username, password and database name in database.php file located under application/config/database.php
  • To initialize database base tables open terminal mac or linux or command prompt (CMD) on windows on and navigate to the root or your directory and run $ php index.php migration latest

All the tables will be created and you can start contributing on the project right away.

How to open application
  • If you have successfully migrated your database follow below instructions.
  • Open your favorite web browser and type http://localhost/<your-project-directory>
  • Login with username as admin and password as sacidsdemo

Click to learn more how to contribute on this project

Seeding data
  • If you have successfully migrated your database follow below instructions.
  • To run this download and install composer if you have composer installed continue to step two below
  • Then run $ composer update to get dependencies
  • Open terminal or command line interface
  • Navigate to root directory of your project (i.e afyadata)
  • Then run $ php index.php seeder seed to get dummy data generated
  • You can adjust limit at any time to fit the number of records you want at controllers/Seeder.php

Installing ci-phpunit-test (PHPUnit for Codeigniter)

  • Navigate to project root directory cd /path/to/project/
  • Run composer require kenjis/ci-phpunit-test --dev
  • And run install.php inside vendor directory $ php vendor/kenjis/ci-phpunit-test/install.php

Running tests

  • Navigate to test directory inside your application folder see below
  • Go to project folder/directory $ cd /path/to/project/
  • Then navigate to test folder $ cd application/tests
  • Run test $ phpunit
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