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A simple tool for comparing minecraft versions
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Hamburglar is a utility capable of automatically comparing different versions of minecraft game for the purpose of writing the protocol specification, interoperability, and other neat uses. The needed information is gathered with Burger and then piped to Hamburglar.


Currently the only way to use Hamburglar is to pipe in output from Burger.
I recommend using my own fork of Burger which adds items, packet contents and better recipes

$ python Burger/ -c minecraft.1.5.jar minecraft.1.6.jar | python Hamburglar/

Hamburglar expects a JSON list containing two objects. Using Burger's -t option is possible as missing toppings are ignored by Hamburglar.

$ python Burger/ -c -t recipes,blocks,identify minecraft.1.5.jar minecraft.1.6.jar | python Hamburglar/

Burger also offers an option to directly download the newest version of minecraft:

$ python Burger/ -c -d minecraft.1.5.jar | python Hamburglar/
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