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The Simplest and worst logging library ever written
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A Simple Easy to use go logger library. Displays Colored log into console in any unix or windows platform. You can even store your logs in file, ElasticSearch or MySQL Database.


- Colored and Simple Log into Console
- File Logging
- ElasticSearch Logging

How to Get:

$ go get

How To Use:

import ""

logger = gologger.GetLogger(gologger.CONSOLE, gologger.SimpleLog)
// Displays Simple plain log in console

logger = gologger.GetLogger(gologger.CONSOLE, gologger.ColoredLog)
// Displays Colorful log in console

logger = gologger.GetLogger(gologger.FILE, fileName)
// Log all the message in the given file.
// If file is not presents then creates it. if filename is "" creates
// a default file named logs.txt in ur project directory.

logger = gologger.GetLogger(gologger.ELASTICSEARCH, location)
// Logs everything into elasticsearch. if location is "" then it
// looks for elasticsearch by default in http://localhost:9200
// and logs stored in index 'gologger'.
// If you want to provide custom location and index for your log
// you must provide the location in this format
// "http://Your_ES_Url:ES_Port/Index",
// If you only want to change the default index name you can do that
// by sending "/YourIndex", it will use default localhost for ES.


logger.Log(Message) -> displays in console.
[Log] [Time] [Package Name::File Name::Function Name] [Line Number] Message

Logger Functions Available:

logger.Log(message string)
logger.Message(message string)
logger.Info(message string)
logger.Warn(message string)
logger.Debug(message string)
logger.Error(message string)

You can use two or more same type or diffrent type logger in same application.

logger1 = gologger.GetLogger(gologger.CONSOLE, gologger.SimpleLog)
logger2 = gologger.GetLogger(gologger.FILE, "filelog.log")

logger1.log("Hello Console") // loges into console.
logger2.log("Hello File") // loges into file.

Any suggestion and Issue would be highly appreciated. You can create an issue or pull request if you think i need to modify my library.

Used Libraries

  1. Color Console - faith/color
  2. ElasticSearch - olivere/elastic
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