This script imports issues (work items) from a Codeplex project into your github project
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Codeplex to Github Issues Importer

A Python 2.x script.


1 - Install github3 Python library using either



pip install

2 - Download the script

3 - Open it in a text editor and modify the values at the top

CODEPLEX\_PROJECT - the subdomain of the project on codeplex _(
GITHUB\_PROJECT - the name of the repository on github _(Codeplex-Issues-Importer)_
GITHUB\_USERNAME - your github username _(mendhak)_
GITHUB\_ISSUELABEL - a tag that will be applied to all issues imported _(CodePlex)_
GITHUB\_PASSWORD - your github password

4 - Run the script.


  • This script will close an imported issue if it is closed on Codeplex
  • You can see a test import here.
  • All issues and comments will be under your username, but containing the codeplex user's name
  • Apologies if I'm not following a proper code style, this is my first Python script