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SPGraphViz - Home

Project was moved from Codeplex as last one will be shut down in Dec 2017.

Project Description

SPGraphviz - create your own visualization graphs without programming in Sharepoint. Just define graph on DOT language in simple text file, upload it into document library and specify URL in SPGraphvizWebPart - it will make graphical representation of your graph


  • Define graph using the DOT language in simple .txt file. E.g. the graph shown at the beginning of this page is defiend using the following file:
digraph example {
        node [color=lightblue2, style=filled](color=lightblue2,-style=filled);
        "Start page" -> "Departments";
        "Start page" -> "News";
        "Start page" -> "Personal sites";
        "Departments" -> "IT";
        "Departments" -> "HR";
        "Departments" -> "Sales";
        "Personal sites" -> "Alexey Sadomov";
        "Personal sites" -> "...";

As you see it is quite straightforward: you define digraph and relationships between nodes. DOT is very flexible language, but you don't need to know it deeply. For simple scenarios you can use this example as a reference. For more layout settings you can check examples from Graphviz gallery

  • Upload created .txt file with graph definition into document library in your site collection

  • Specify absolute URL of uploaded file in web part properties (Custom Properties > Dot file URL): (in our example I specified the following URL in "Dot file URL" property:

  • Click Apply. Graphical representation of the graph will be shown on the publishing page:

Additional resources