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                        JSPWiki documentation

What is it?

JSPWiki is a simple (well, not any more) WikiWiki clone, written in Java
and JSP.  A WikiWiki is a web site which allows anyone to participate
in its development.  JSPWiki supports all the traditional wiki features,
as well as very detailed access control and security integration using JAAS. 

    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
    or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
    distributed with this work for additional information
    regarding copyright ownership.  The ASF licenses this file
    to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
    "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
    with the License.  You may obtain a copy of the License at


    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
    software distributed under the License is distributed on an
    KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
    specific language governing permissions and limitations
    under the License.  

The license file can be found in LICENSE.


Okay, so you wanna Wiki?  You'll need the following things:


* A JSP engine that supports Servlet API 2.3.  I recommend Tomcat from
  http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat for a really easy installation.
  Tomcat 5.x or later is supported.

* Some previous administration experience...  If you've ever installed
  Apache or any other web server, you should be pretty well off.

* And of course, a server to run the JSP engine on.

* JDK 1.5+


* JavaMail package from java.sun.com, if you want to use log4j mailing
  capabilities.  You'll also need the Java Activation Framework.

* RCS versioning system installed and available in your PATH if you
  want to use RCS versioning.  It is also possible (and on Windows, it
  is even recommended) to use the VersioningFileProvider, which does
  not require RCS.

Really simple installation

This section is meant for you, if you just want to have a really quick
install without much worries.  If you want to have a more complicated
installation (with more power as to how to do things), 
check out the "Install" section below.

Since JSPWiki 2.1.153, JSPWiki comes with a really simple installation
engine.  Just do the following:

1) Install Tomcat from http://jakarta.apache.org/ (or any other servlet

2) After you've installed the engine and checked that it works, you just
  make a subdirectory under $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/.
  For example, if you want your application to be called 'wiki', just create a directory
  called 'wiki', then extract all files from the war file into that
  directory, preserving the directory structure.

3) Point your browser at http://<myhost>/JSPWiki/Install.jsp
   (Or, if you renamed it in the previous phase, use something like

4) Answer a couple of simple questions

5) Restart your container

6) Point your browser to http://<myhost>/JSPWiki/ (or whatever name you
   chose in point 2)

That's it!

Advanced Installation

First, install a JSP engine and a web server.  You can download Tomcat
from http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/.  This software was built
originally on top of Tomcat 5.5, but probably most other versions
work, too, and most other JSP containers.

After you've installed the engine and checked that it works, you just
make a subdirectory under $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/.  For example, if you
want your application to be called 'MyWiki', just create a directory
called 'MyWiki', then extract all files from the war files into that
directory, preserving the directory structure.

Edit the WEB-INF/jspwiki.properties file to your liking.  The only
thing you need to set is the directory where you want your wiki pages
to be stored.  I recommend a directory that is regularly backed up.

Unzip the contents of jspwiki-corepages.zip into your newly created
directory.  You can find the rest of the documentation in the
JSPWiki-doc.zip file.

(Re)start tomcat.

Point your browser at http://<where your Tomcat is installed>/MyWiki/.
You should see the Main Wiki page.  See the next section if you want
to edit the pages =).

Installation with Windows

If you are using a version of Microsoft Windows, you'll find that
getting RCS up and running may be a bit problematic, and thus we
recommend the VersioningFileProvider.

All JSPWiki documentation is in the web; please see

Upgrading from previous versions

Please read ReleaseNotes and the UPGRADING document.

All JSPWiki documentation is in the web; please see

Configuring JSPWiki

All configuration information is kept in WEB_INF/jspwiki.properties.
The file is pretty well documented, so I recommend you read it through

There are also some auxiliary configuration files, such as filters.xml.

Also, there is a far more detailed documentation in the web:


Where to go next aka. where is the rest of the documentation?

The rest of the documentation is at



JSPWiki authors can be contacted on the jspwiki-users mailing list.
You can see the instructions on http://www.jspwiki.org/wiki/JSPWikiMailingList.

The mailing list should also be your primary place to ask support questions.
There are many wise and knowledgeable people on that list.


The following people (in alphabetical order) have contributed code to JSPWiki:

Andrew R. Jaquith
Andre van Dalen
Arent-Jan Banck
Christoph Sauer
Chuck Smith
Craig R. McClanahan
Dan Frankowski
David Au
Dirk Frederickx
Erik Bunn
Florian Holeczek
Hanno Eichelberger
Harry Metske
Henning P. Schmiedehausen
Janne Jalkanen
John Volkar
Kees Kuip
Ken Liu
Murray Altheim
Scott Hurlbert
Sebastian Baltes
Steffen Schramm
Torsten Hildebrandt
Wouter van daele