Pluggable app for Immediate notifications to users on Django-based sites.
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Copyright (c) 2012 John Weaver

See LICENSE file.

These are the problems that this app solves

Activities, both by other users (such as actions resulting in new items in followed activity streams) and by asynchronous background tasks should have the ability to send notifications to users without having their browser poll for new items or task statuses. While for some notifications email is appropriate, having on-site real time notifications encourages users to stay on the site. Some users don't like email notifications, or prefer digests of activity.

What I intend for this app to provide

  • A simple API for sending notifications targeted to a user, without needing an open request instance.
  • Support for translating notification strings for the user.
  • Users can enable email notifications either as instant emails, or a daily or weekly digest.
  • Uses Pusher to send notifications to users, and provides Javascript to receive notifications and render them.
  • Provides Javascript to enable HTML5 notifications if available, otherwise falls back to HTML inserted into the DOM.
  • Developers can inject the notification Javascript into their templates with a template tag. The channel and use of HTML5 notifications can be overridden with parameters to this tag.