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Handy fabric tasks
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Fanonic Fabtools

Hey, this is going to be all things Fabric for getting servers up-and-running.

Copyright (c) 2012 John Weaver MIT License

Example Usage

Add this to your

import fabtools
from fabtools.tasks import *

Import any modules that you want available:

import fabtools.webserver
import fabtools.celery

What's done

  • web tasks:
    • push static content
    • push source code
    • restart nginx & uwsgi
    • check that web server is up
    • toggle maintenance mode
  • south tasks
  • Prompt the user to enter random words to prevent doing something stupid
  • (haystack) search index tasks: rebuild/update index
  • puppet tasks: push puppet config to host and apply puppet


  • db tasks: dump database, restore database
  • web tasks: fetch uploaded media to local system
  • notification tasks: SNS, email, IM, etc
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