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2D Line Library for Unity
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2D Line Library for Unity


Just copy the Assets/NeatLine folder to your project's Assets.

Basic Lines (NeatLine)

Creating a NeatLine

Use the GameObject>2D Object>NeatLine menu item to create a NeatLine instance.


NeatLine provides the following parameters:

  • Vector2 HeadLocalPosition: Position of the first point, relative to the local transform
  • Vector2 TailLocalPosition: Position of the second point, relative to the local transform
  • float Thickness: Line thickness
  • Color Color: Line color

Advanced Lines (NeatPolyline)

NeatPolyline supports more than one vertex, as well as independent thickness and color settings for each vertex.

Creating a NeatPolyline

Use the GameObject>2D Object>NeatPolyline menu item to create a NeatPolyline instance.


Global Thickness Setting

You can modify the global thickness multiplier via the float ThicknessMultiplier property.

Adding a new Vertex

The Add(...) method lets you add a new vertex to the NeatPolyline:

public void Add(Vector2 point, float? thickness = null, Color? color = null)

All parameters are optional. If thickness or color are not specified, NeatPolyline uses the values for the last vertex. If point is not specified, NeatPolyline chooses a place near the last vertex.

Removing Vertices

The RemoveAt(int index) and RemoveLast() methods can be used to remove vertices.

Modifying Vertices

You can modify coordinates, thicknesses and colors of vertices via the following methods:

  • SetVector(int index, Vector2 value)
  • SetThickness(int index, Vector2 value)
  • SetColor(int index, Vector2 value)

Low-level Access

Although not recommended, you can use the _points, _colors and _thicknesses arrays to directly manipulate values for each index. If you modify a value, make sure to call MakeDirty() afterwards to update the mesh.

Do not change the size of these arrays.

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