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This is the VimeoDotNet wrapper for Vimeo API 3.0. It allows you to authorize and get access tokens and send requests to Vimeo.

For a detailed user's guide, and how to upload, please visit

#First time authorization:

string url = Vimeo.VimeoClient.GetAuthURL(cid: YOUR_API_KEY, redirect: REDIRECT_URL);

//[open the url and get the access code from the redirect url]

var vc = Vimeo.VimeoClient.Authorize( authCode: VERIFIER, cid: YOUR_API_KEY, secret: YOUR_API_SECRET, redirect: REDIRECT_URL);


#Authorization with access token: var vc = Vimeo.VimeoClient.ReAuthorize(accessToken, APIKey, APISecret);

#Calling a method: Dictionary<string, object> me = vc.Request("/me", null, "GET");


#Uploading a file: string video_id = vc.Upload(“D:/Video.mp4”);

#Uploading with resume support: var ticket = vc.GetTicket();

Settings.Default.CompleteUri = ticket.CompleteUri;

Settings.Default.TicketId = ticket.TicketId;

Settings.Default.UploadLink = ticket.UploadLinkSecure;


string video_id = vc.Upload(“D:/Video.mp4”, ticket);

#Replacing an existing video: var ticket = vc.GetTicket(videoId);

string video_id = vc.Upload(“D:/Video.mp4”, ticket);

#Upload Progress Notification: vc.UploadCallback = UploadCallback;

string video_id = vc.Upload(“D:/Video.mp4”);

void UploadCallback(VerifyFeedback feedback)


Console.WriteLine("{0}/{1} bytes uploaded.", feedback.LastByte, feedback.ContentSize);