MAT594G Physics-Based Simulation Final Project
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594G Final Project

SPH 3D Real-Time Fluid Simulation

Fluid Image

For our final project in Theodore Kim's Physics-Based Simulation class (Winter '12) we were asked to implement a large, non-trivial technique. My project is based on Matthias Müller's (et al.) research of applying Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) to fluid simulation - essentially simulating fluid as thousands of small particles, rather than the traditional Eularian grid-based approach.

Feel free to email me and I'll tell you more about this project!

Using the Simulator

Firstly, click & drag to rotate the scene using typical GLVU camera controls. You'll notice the simulation starts in a stopped state - you'll need to toggle the animation ON. Below are some keyboard controls.

Basic Controls

a -- Toggle the physics animation on/off (upon starting animation is OFF)
1 -- Load the "Dam Break" scenario (initial scenario)
2 -- Load the "Cube" scenario
3 -- Load the "Faucet" scenario
t -- Toggle tumble mode on/off (the water will react to the tilt of the camera)

Advanced Controls

g -- Toggle grid visible (grid used for neighbor particle optimization)
/ -- Toggle gravity on/off
s -- Toggle coloring of surface purple (particles on the surface have a surface tension force applied)
f -- Output current FPS to stdout


Particle-Based Fluid Simulation for Interactive Applications
Matthias Müller, David Charypar and Markus Gross