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Rbox: an integrated R package for ATOM Editor

This package is a collection of several packages to run R via Atom editor.



  1. Background
  2. Shortcut
  3. Features
  4. Wiki
  5. How it works
  6. Why "rbox"?
  7. Contributing
  8. Changelog
  9. Todo
  10. License


R is a central aspect in the applied sciences to write program and communing codes among statisticians and data scientist, its impact on the development modern statistics is inevitable. The current researches more especially for big data can not be done solely using R and should use different programming languages, hence having a modern Integrated development environment (IDE) is very important. Atom is modern IDE that is developed by GitHub.


macOS Win\ Linux
Open Watch alt+ctrl+w
Remove Watch ctrl-alt-e
Show the result in new window ctrl-alt+o
Run code in-line cmd+enter ctrl+enter
Interrupt R ctrl+c
Quit or shutdown R ctrl-alt-q
Restart R ctrl-alt+r
Paste scripts into Terminal ctrl-alt-R


  • Use Hydrogen to execute a line, selection, or block at a time.
  • Access to several terminals.
  • Very useful snippets to run R.


See Wiki

How it works

It uses Hydrogen to run R, also can run codes in the terminal via the editor of Atom.

Why Rbox?

The first R's gramar for Atom was deployed in language-r which imported the grammar from "r.tmbundle" and is no longer maintained, so we decided to work on a tool package suitable for R users who want to use it daily. It is a collection of several packages to facilitate working with R, especially for who want to use R with other programming languages.


This is an early version, any contribute or suggestion is appreciated. Take a look at our Contributing Guide to get started.


Every release is documented on the GitHub Releases page.


Support for Rmarkdown


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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