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Collection of vagrant files, packer configurations and various shell scripts to manage virtual machines for different purposes.


To use this repository you'll at least need vagrant and VirtualBox. If you want to build your own base images you'll also need packer.

How to use this repo

There are three main parts in this repository:

  1. Packer configurations to build vagrant boxes (in packer/)
  2. Provisioning scripts (in scripts/)
  3. Virtual machine profiles containing at least a Vagrantfile (everything else)

With this spinning up a webserver in a VM can be as easy as

cd ./websrv
vagrant up

And you'll have an apache webserver serving the content in ./websrv/webroot/ to you on http://localhost:8000.

Getting the base images

Before being able to use the VM profiles you'll need some base images (called boxes) for vagrant to use. You can either build those yourself using packer or use public images from e.g. here by changing the box name in the Vagrantfiles (e.g. change "ubuntu-14.04-amd64" to "ubuntu/trusty64" to use the official ubuntu 14.04 vagrant box).

Building the boxes yourself with packer is straight forward:

cd packer/ubuntu-14.04-amd64
packer-io build ubuntu-14.04-amd64.json
# and, to register the new box with vagrant:
vagrant box add ubuntu-14.04-amd64

Note: You may want to change the keyboard layout and timezone settings for the boxes.

If you're using different boxes be sure to change the setting in the Vagrantfiles.