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DNS and mDNS models for INET

This extensions provides classes and functions to simulate DNS and MDNS traffic.

Build Status



  • Name servers with recursive resolving capabilities
  • Authoritative servers with DNS zone configuration using master files
  • Caching servers without zones, only recursively resolving
  • DNS Cache base that can be extended
    • Caches based on different policies possible
  • DNS Client that can query a DNS server

See RFC 1035 as a reference.

Stateless DNS

  • Stateless DNS simulation according to

  • Echoserver impelementation currently supporting:

    • .00. - reflects the address in the query to the alias
    • cca - builds a cname chain, pointing to an address



The avahi-daemon was used as a reference for designing MDNS resolvers in this extension.

  • MDNS resolver with the capabilities of
    • Publishing services via multicast
    • Revoking services via multicast
    • Perform queries via multicast
    • Known answer suppression
    • Duplicate question suppression
    • Duplicate answer suppression
    • Maintaining time schedules according to the RFC 6762

See RFC 6762 for reference.

MDNS Privacy

In parallel to the extension of the avahi-daemon to enhance privacy ( we worked on a simulation that allows us to measure the effects of our extension.

  • Privacy extension according to the reference implementation done for the avahi-daemon
  • If the OMNeT++ code is edited, packets are visually distinguished. A tutorial on how to do this can be found in the wiki.

Installation and Usage

Make sure you fulfill the requirements stated below.

Using the IDE

  1. Get the source code for this extension.
  2. Import the project as a C++ Makefile Project into the OMNeT++ IDE.
  3. Import the INET (version >3.0) framework into the IDE and build it.
  4. Right-click inet-dns-extension > Add OMNeT++ Support
  5. Goto Project Properties > OMNeT++ > Makemake
  • Select the root folder

    • Under Build select Makemake
    • Under Source select Excluded
    • Goto Options under Build
      • Under Target select No executable or library
      • Under Scope, Deep compile and Recursive make must be selected
  • Select the src folder

    • Under Build select Makemake
    • Under Source select Source Location
    • Goto Options under Build
      • Under Target select Shared library and Export this shared/static library for other projects
      • Under Scope, Deep compile and Recursive make must be selected
      • Under Compile, make sure bot boxes for include paths are selected
  1. Make sure the inet project is set as a reference under Project Properties > Project References
  2. The project should now be able to build.
  • If you get an error about a message, run make msgheaders once and build again.
  1. Enjoy

Using the command line

  1. Get the source code for this extension.

  2. Change to the project directory.

  3. Run make makefiles and provide the INET framework directory.

  4. Run make.

  5. To run examples you must run opp_run -l absolute_path_to_project \ -l absolute_path_to_inet_library \ -n absolute_path_to_project_src;absolute_path_to_inet_src" \ absolute_path_to_simulation_ini_file

  6. Enjoy


  • All applications in this extension need to be wrapped within a Standard Host.
  • Currently no rules like bailiwick have been implemented.
  • Network Randomization currently not implemented, i.e.
    • Master Files have to be provided manually.
    • DNS Servers and network infrastucture has to be defined manually.
  • MDNS Resolvers have to be configured manually.
    • This includes all relevant services published from the start.
    • This includes relevant information for the privacy extension.
  • No statistics are currently recorded

Future Work

  • Proper network randomization for all applications
    • For DNS Servers and Clients
    • For MDNS Resolvers including the privacy extension
  • Proper recording of relevant metrics
  • Simulation network within a wireless area network
  • More sophisticated DNS caches
  • DNSSec extension
  • Better integration with the existing OMNeT++ structure


Project maintainer:

  • Andreas Rain (andreas.rain(at){ ,}), Github: @saenridanra
  • Project created as part of my master project to measure the effects of multicast traffic on wireless networks.


  • working OMNeT++ installation - version 4.6 or higher. (Download from
  • working INET-Framework installation - version 3 or higher. (Download from
  • a compiler that supports C++11

Check whether the installations work using the examples provided in the INET framework.


The projects code is fully documented using Doxygen and is placed in the doc folder, next to the source code.


This work is published under the MIT License


This extensions provides classes and functions to simulate DNS and MDNS traffic.







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