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xintron commented Jan 5, 2017

When receiving notifications the application name is set to "Electron". Using a notification daemon like dunst which allows formatting to be changed depending on appname (title and body is also possible to match) it makes it hard to use when the name is just "Electron". Below is an example message picked up in dunst:

        appname: 'Electron'
        summary: 'Philip - Tech Channe...'
        body: 'Notification test'
        icon: 'info'
        urgency: 1
        formatted: '<b>Philip - Tech Channe...</b>
Notification test'
        fg: #ebdbb2
        bg: #1d2021
        id: 4
actions_dmenu: #View [Electron]
        script: (null)

My suggestion would be that the appname is set to "Rambox - " instead so for example: Rambox - HipChat. This allows for easy matching on the application name in the actual notification.


Rambox: v0.4.5
OS: (Arch) Linux
Arch: x64

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