Rambox logs me out of all services when I quit it. #559

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ArtursO commented Jan 6, 2017

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add multiple accounts to Rambox
  2. Quit Rambox (cmd + Q)
  3. Re-open Rambox

Expected behavior

Logged in as user registered with Rambox, I have a password enable on Rambox. When I log back in Rambox asks me to log into all of nine my services again. The services are 4 slack channels, discord, gitter, inbox by gmail, linkedin, and a custom website. I wish I could log into Ramobox and already be logged in to all my services since I already authenticated once.

Actual behavior

I'm asked to re-login back into every service.


Rambox: v 0.4.5

OS: macOS Sierra V 10.12.2

Arch: darwin (x64)


It's suppose to save your sessions. Can you remove all your services, clear your localStorage and cache (Help menu -> Tools), quit Rambox and then, add one service to check if works.

SimJoSt commented Jan 15, 2017

Sometimes happens to me too. Are there any logs I can send when it happens again?


This only happened to me the following way:

  • Installed app and executed it (additional detail, I logged myself through Github)
  • Services aren't configured (first time), so I configure them.
  • Restart Rambox
  • Services aren't configured, so I had to reconfigure them back
  • Restart Rambox
  • Services are working normally.
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