This folder contains the application's global controllers. ViewControllers are located alongside their respective view class in "./view". These controllers are used for routing and other activities that span all views.


This folder contains the application's (data) Model classes.


This folder contains the views as well as ViewModels and ViewControllers depending on the application's architecture. Pure MVC applications may not have ViewModels, for example. For MVCVM applications or MVC applications that use ViewControllers, the following directory structure is recommended:

    foo/                    # Some meaningful grouping of one or more views
        Foo.js              # The view class
        FooController.js    # The controller for Foo (a ViewController)
        FooModel.js         # The ViewModel for Foo

This structure helps keep these closely related classes together and easily identifiable in most tabbed IDE's or text editors.


This folder contains any number of store instances or types that can then be reused in the application.