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Electron v1.4.7

  • Fixed Certification Warning. (#460)


Electron v1.4.1

  • Fixed Login to use Rambox Account synchronization.
  • Improved Master Password window.
  • Fixed bug related to unread count on Enable/Disable services.
  • New Loading Screen.
  • Added Help->Tools menu to clear cache and local storage.
  • Donation via BountySource.
  • Fixed White page bug by disabling Hardware Acceleration in Preferences (Linux).
  • Improve load speed.
  • Added new services
    • Smooch
    • Crisp
    • Flock
    • Openmailbox
    • Typetalk
    • Drift
    • mmmelon
    • Cisco Spark
    • Fleep
    • Socialcast
    • Actor
    • Riot
    • Pushbullet
    • Movim
    • Kaiwa
  • Fixed start minimized bug on macOS.
  • Fixed window size bug on system tray double click.
  • Added shortcuts (Ctrl+PG_UP and Ctrl+PG_DOWN).
  • Fixed bug on switching services with shortcuts.
  • Improved Firebase synchronization.
  • Added menu (View->Reload current Service) and shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+R) to reload current service .
  • Fixed HipChat login and session bug.
  • Fixed Mattermost unread count for group channels.
  • Fixed minor bugs and code enhancements.
  • UI enhancements.


Electron v1.3.5

  • Master Password to block opening Rambox.
  • Proxy.
  • Windows badge in taskbar.
  • White page bug.
  • Improve load speed.
  • Added new services
    • Zimbra
    • Hootsuite
    • Amium
    • RainLoop
    • iCloud Mail
    • IRCCloud
    • AIM
    • Kiwi IRC
    • Ryver
    • Aol
    • Yandex Mail
    • Glip
  • Enable/Disable services.
  • Enhance zooming with shortcuts (Ctrl+, Ctrl - and CtrlMouseWheel).
  • Mouse back button support. win
  • Added Outlook and Inbox Desktop Notifications.
  • Fixed icon dock size in Mac.
  • Fixed Slack unread badge.
  • Allow popups in WebViews.
  • Added "Show System Tray indicator on unread messages" preference.
  • Open Hangouts attachments.
  • Switch from double click to right click in service tab to open menu.
  • Persistent Don't Disturb.
  • Paste without formatting option in Menu.
  • Fixed focus bug on switching services.
  • Fixed application name in Windows Task Manager.
  • Fixed icon size on Windows Volume Mixer.
  • Fixed Fedora bug on install AppImages.
  • Allow keep session alive in Wire.
  • Added RPM build outputs.
  • Fixed HipChat initial page.
  • Fixed Gmail, Gitter, Telegram, Outlook, Discord, Messenger and Hangouts unread badges.
  • Added to communicate with users in-app.
  • Fixed bugs and enhance functionalities.


Electron v1.3.1

  • Fixed links, images and attachments in Skype (read more here).
  • Added new services
    • Zoho Email
    • Zoho Chat
    • Roundcube
    • Horde
    • SquirrelMail
  • Fixed Steam Chat badge.
  • Fixed HipChat.
  • Fixed TweetDeck.
  • Fixed Gitter.
  • Edit Services name on grid row by double click.
  • Group services in two groups, left and right.
  • Persistent Lock, on restart app keeps locked.
  • Ask for password twice on Lock to confirm.
  • Added Offline feature to each service by double click on the tab.
  • Added Preferences menu, to configure Rambox.
    • Start Minimized.
    • Auto Hide menu bar.
    • Show in Taskbar.
    • Keep Rambox in taskbar when close it.
    • Start automatically on system startup.
  • Improved Auto Update. Only Windows will have autoupdate, Mac and Linux have to download the new version manually but they will be notice.
  • Added *Check for update....
  • Fixed Slack Notifications.
  • Fixed Login bugs.
  • Added the possibility to Inject Custom JS Code to any service.
  • Fixed code injection.
  • Fixed Linux icon.
  • Fixed Linux tray icon.
  • Added Trust invalid authority certificates option for Custom Services, to allow Self Signed Certificates.
  • Allow only single instance for Rambox, preventing have multiples Rambox opened.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Don't Disturb (F1) and Lock (F2).
  • Added Auth0 SSO Rambox logins for Twitter, Facebook and Github.
  • And more minor bugs!


Electron v1.2.6

  • Added Audio support to Skype (read more here).
  • Improvement syncronization with Firebase. No needs to clear your current services to start using it.
  • Fixed Open several tabs on click URL.
  • Added new services
    • mysms
    • ICQ
    • TweetDeck
    • Zinc
    • FreeNode
    • MightyText
  • Fixed bugs for editing services.
  • Moved option for Adding Custom Service to inside the list of services.
  • Added Reload and Open Dev Tools feature to each service by double click on the tab.
  • Fixed About Rambox.
  • Improved launch speed of the app.
  • New Save Window State feature.
  • Fixed blank flickering in some services.
  • Improved loading speed for services.
  • Added Keyboard Shortcuts (Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab) to navegate between tabs.
  • Added notes for services in Add new Service dialog if needs to clarify something.
  • Added descriptions to services, to help user know about each service.
  • Added Donate, Facebook, Twitter and Github buttons.
  • Better load spinner on launch.
  • Google Analytics integration (To know how many users are using the app, what services, don't disturb and lock options. That's all, don't freak out!).
  • Added new notification feature to notify user when is a new version available to download it manually.
  • And more bugs!


Electron v1.2.5

  • Sync configuration using Firebase.
  • Don't DIsturb mode.
  • Lock Rambox mode.
  • Added new services
    • Dasher
    • DingTalk
    • FlowDock
    • Mattermost
    • Voxer
    • Yahoo! Messenger
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Fixed #4 .


Electron v1.2.4

  • Improved regex for detect new messages.
  • Added new services
    • Office 365
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • Missive
    • Rocket Chat
    • Wire
    • Sync
    • BearyChat


Electron v1.2.4

  • Updated to Electron v1.2.4
  • Fixed #1
  • Fixed #2


Electron v1.2.2

  • Updated to Electron v1.2.2.
  • Added Outlook service.


Electron v1.1.1

  • Updated to Electron v1.1.1.
  • Added Auto Update functionality.


Electron v1.1.0

  • Changed base color of the default theme.
  • Added new logo by Andriy Yurchenko.
  • Autofocus on tab change.
  • Shortcuts to switch services.
  • Added new email services (Outlook, ProtonMail, TutaNota and Hushmail).
  • Option to add custom service.
  • Tray icon for unread messaging.
  • Menu bar.
  • Deployment requirements.
  • Improvements in UI and functionality.


Electron v0.37.8

First release for this awesome app.