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Installation instructions

For this workshop, you may either install TensorFlow directly on your laptop, or use a Docker container running either locally, or on a Cloud-based VM. Please choose the option below that's right for you.

Option 1: Install TensorFlow directly on your laptop

This approach is recommended if you prefer the smallest download.

  1. Install TensorFlow on Mac using a Virtual Environment.

  2. Install TensorFlow on Windows.

  3. Install TensorFlow on Ubuntu/Linux using a Virtual Environment.

If you're an experienced developer, you can find a pip requirements file here.

Option 2: Install TensorFlow using Docker

This approach is a good option if you have difficulty installing TensorFlow directly.

  1. Run the TensorFlow Docker image on your laptop.

  2. Run the TensorFlow Docker image on a Cloud-based VM. This is a good option if you have difficulty using Docker on your laptop.

If you get stuck, please refer to the full installation instructions on

Want to report a bug?

Thanks! Can you please file an issue, or even better, a pull request? We'll be doing this workshop a couple times, and future developers will appreciate your help.

General disclaimer, this is my personal repo and not an official Google product. If you'd like to use this code, say, to build a mission critical component of your giant space laser, you should know there's no warranty, etc.