Python extension for modeling starspots in Rust
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Installation Instructions

Currently, the only option is to build from source, which means you will need a Rust compiler. Head to and follow the instructions. By default, everything will be installed to your home directory. To install to some other directory, set the CARGO_HOME and RUSTUP_HOME environment variables to the desired installation path before running rustup.

Lather will build with the default rustup settings. Lather also requires a version of the C library gsl1, which is availble from apt as libgsl0-dev.

With the initial dependencies installed, run python install inside the source directory.

If you're building with a nightly Rust compiler, some nice SIMD optimizations are available behind a feature.

1Problems with C/C++ dependencies are the reason this is now written in Rust. I would like to remove this dependency as well, but I'm not quite up for re-implementing the very nice GSL interpolators.