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One instance of the pypath webservice running at the domain, serving the OmniPath data with additional enzyme-substrate interactions. It implements a very simple REST style API, you can make requests by HTTP protocol (browser, wget, curl or whatever). The webservice currently recognizes 6 types of queries: interactions, ptms, resources, network, about and info.

A request without any parameter, gives some basic numbers about the actual loaded dataset:

The about tells the version number:

The network prints basic statistics about the whole network:

The resources returns the list of all resources with their size:

The info returns a HTML page with comprehensive information about the resources:

The interactions accepts some parameters and returns interactions in tabular format. This example returns all interactions of EGFR (P00533), with sources and references listed:

The parameters can be omitted. More UniProts can be given separated by comma, and JSON format is available too (better for import to Python!):,O15117,Q96FE5?format=json

Another interface is ptms, to list enzymes, substrates and PTMs.

To list all interactions simply request:

To list all PTMs similarly: