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Welcome to the Sea-freight Automation Framework (SAF) Wiki

This is the community maintained wiki covering all sorts of information on the Sea-freight Automation Framework (SAF). SAF is an initiative to create an automation framework and shift from current human control to machine control operation. If adopted by industry it should drastically increase the level of automation and reduce IT cost.

SAF Foundation

Project is being developed by the SAF Foundation, an Estonian non-profit, with contributions from across the globe. The SAF Foundation’s mission is to promote and support development of industry wide standard APIs and communication protocols as well as research in Artificial Intelligence. Foundation promotes migration from current paradigm of “human control supply chain processes and manual user tasks” to paradigm of “machine controlled supply chain with process flow automation spanning over all supply chain participants with less dependency on human availability and efficiency”.

To contact SAF Foundation, please, send an email to: or visit

Contribution guidelines

Users signed in with GitHub can edit and add pages using the browser or locally. Do not change the title of a page, as the link for it will change. In particular, if you change the title for this page, the link, as well as the Wiki tab in the header of this repo, will just direct to a list of pages, rather than this page, so don't change the title of this page! If you really want to change the title, then create a new page with the new title, move the contents of the old page to the new page, and update the old page with a redirect link to the new page. If you want to translate a page, create a new page and translate the original there. Consider previewing your changes before saving them, and if you detect any errors, fix them. If you happen to get directed to a page that doesn't exist with a prompt to create a new page, do that, without changing the title. Then check the history of the newly created page. It may be that there is a history of changes to the page that you just created, with the second most recent change (second to you creating the page) being that someone renamed the page. If so, please fix the page (restore it to the revision before the title was changed or redirect to the new page) and tag the person who renamed the page in this issue here.

Wikipedia has five pillars which provide a good standard for contributing that we can adapt for our needs, however certain aspects such as notability need not be adhered to.

License and contributor license agreement

Please permit your contributions to be under the CC0 license, which makes your contributions have no rights reserved, putting them in the public domain. This will help to allow for the dissemination of information about Ethereum, the Ethereum ecosystem and Web 3 to the public, in a completely permissive manner. To state that you accept your contributions to be under a CC0 license, please add yourself to the list of external contributors here. Otherwise, without adding yourself to the list, your contributions will be all rights reserved.

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