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Safe Apps Developer Tools Monorepo



Developer tools to integrate third-party applications (Safe Apps) with Safe (

You can find more resources on Safe Apps in the Safe Developer Portal.



Package Description
cra-template-safe-app CRA template to quickly bootstrap a Safe app
safe-apps-react-sdk A wrapper of safe-apps-sdk with helpful React Hooks
safe-apps-sdk JavaScript SDK
safe-apps-provider A generic provider that can be used with common web3 libraries (e.g. web3.js or Ethers)
safe-apps-onboard Blocknative included Safe App support in onboard.js v1.26.0. Check Blocknative docs for the integration guide
safe-apps-web3modal A wrapper around Web3Modal that would automatically connect to the Safe if the app is loaded as a Safe app
safe-apps-web3-react A web3-react connector for Safe is included in web3-react starting from version 8
safe-apps-wagmi A wagmi connector for Safe Apps
safe-apps-test-app A test app to test the Safe Apps SDK

Testing your Safe App

You can directly use our production interface for testing your Safe App

Setting up development environment

Installing dependencies

yarn install

Running commands

We will use build command as an example. Same applies to other commands.

For all packages:

yarn build

For a specific package:

yarn lerna run --scope @safe-global/safe-apps-sdk build --stream

--stream options enables command output. By default, lerna displays it only in case of an error.

Release process

Release process is described in

Useful links


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details