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Software developer tools that facilitate the interaction with the Safe contracts and services.


Title Description
Integrating the Safe Core SDK This guide shows how to use the Protocol Kit and API Kit.


Package Release Description
api-kit NPM Version Safe Transaction Service API client library
auth-kit NPM Version Typescript library to create an Ethereum address and authenticating a blockchain account using an email address, social media account, or traditional crypto wallets like Metamask
onramp-kit NPM Version Typescript library that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using a credit card and other payment options
protocol-kit NPM Version TypeScript library that facilitates the interaction with the Safe contracts
relay-kit ​​​NPM Version Library to abstract transaction fees payment (gas fees), allowing the use of native tokens or ERC-20​​
safe-core-sdk-types NPM Version Common types extracted from the Safe Core SDK packages


This project includes a playground with a few scripts that can be used as a starting point to use the Safe Core SDK.