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package.json client application

Decentralized Email Service and Cloud Storage with End-To-End Encryption

Quick Start

  • Download & Install GIT ( & Node.js ( for your platform.

  • Clone the repo

    git clone
  • Install project dependencies, run from the project root

    npm install
  • [optional] Install ssl/localhost.crt as a trusted certificate into your browser.

  • Now start dev server, run from the project root

    npm start
  • Navigate to (http://localhost:8888) or https if cert is installed.

  • Enjoy...

Project floder structure

  • dist/ - project build, intended for deployment onto public web server;

  • ssl/localhost.crt - dev server certificate;

  • ssl/localhost.key - dev server certificate key;

  • pub/ - public files to be copied into dist/ as is;

  • src/ - files to be compiled/preprocessed prior to deployment;

    • src/css - style sources (less/sass/whatever);

    • src/js - client-side codebase;

  • LICENSE - license;

  • gulpfile.js - project build & config;

  • package.json - project meta for npm;

  • - this file.