Multi-Path Communication implementation
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Multi-Path Communication implementation

Important notes about the project

  1. Regarding the implementation, the geographic automatic location was not implemented, this was simulated using the Amazon Web Services regions
  2. Currently only ping is used, it would be better to integrate with tokyo-ping
  3. Depspace server, overlay-nodes and end-points should all be in different machines
  4. Might find some residual testing code in SCMultipath
  5. The architecture should be run in the order of the files in this folder: 1.Despace server 2.Establish all overlay nodes 3.Run endpoints
  6. Make sure the machine is running in MPTCP kernel by running 'dmesg | grep MPTCP' (which provides MPTCP version), if not it's advisable to change grub to do it as default

Dependencies: DepSpace

MACHETE requires DepSpace (included) to be running.

To run DepSpace:

  1. cd depspace-master
  2. make
  3. sh
  4. [nohup] ./scripts/replica 0 config/ [&] (nohup and & allow the process to run on background, the output is sent to nohup.out) (this starts one replica, to add more replicas instead of 0, insert other ids)

Running the overlay nodes

  1. cp -r depspace-master/* SCNodeCode/MultipathManager/
  2. cd SCNodeCode/MultipathManager
  3. sh
  4. [nohup] ./scripts/client-single /config/ [&] (will get warnings about depspace ssl, didnt mind this for machete) (nohup and & allow the process to run on background, the output is sent to nohup.out)
  5. cd ..
  6. sh


  1. cp -r depspace-master/* SCMultipath/MultipathManager/
  2. cd SCMultipath/MultipathManager
  3. sh
  4. [nohup] ./scripts/client-single /config/ [&]
  5. cd ..
  6. gcc *.h *.c -pthread -o run
  7. ./run