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Control Hunter Douglas / Luxaflex PowerView Window Shades in Home Assistant
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Hunter Douglas / Luxaflex PowerView Cover for Home Assistant

Home Assistant custom component for controlling Hunter Douglas / Luxaflex PowerView Bottom-Up Window Shades.

This does not support Top-Down shades or tilting Venetian blinds.

This will read all the shades from the hub and present them as in Home Assistant.

You can then make them go up, down, stop or go to a set position via a slider.

Use the entities in automations to take direct control of your window shades.



Copy all the files to a custom_components/hd_powerview directory in your Home Assistant folder.


# Configuration for V2 hubs
  - platform: hd_powerview
    host: your_hub_ip_address
# Configuration for V1 hubs
  - platform: hd_powerview
    host: your_hub_ip_address
    version: 1

Configuration Variables

variable required type default description
host yes string The local IP address of your PowerView hub.
version no number 2 The version of your PowerView hub.

Battery Levels

If your shade has a battery, you can extract the battery_level attribute with a sensor template. For example:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'Shade 1 Battery Level'
        value_template: '{{state_attr("cover.shade_1", "battery_level")}}'
        unit_of_measurement: "%"
        device_class: battery

Replace cover.shade_1 with your cover's entity name and rename the sensor to suit your system.

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