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Welcome to the Codeme PHP Framework wiki! Facebook fan page:


Youtube tutorials:


Codeme Support Class:

  • Route::get();
  • View::make();
  • Controller::load();
  • Model::load();
  • Validator::make();
  • Request::get(). Request::has(). Request::only(). Request::except(). Request::all();
  • Input (same as Request)
  • Database::connect(). Database::query(). Database::fetch_assoc(). Database::insert_id(). Database::hasError(). Database::num_rows();
  • Cookie::get(). Cookie::make();
  • Session::get(). Session::make();
  • Response::json(). Response::download();
  • Cache::enable();
  • Redirect::to();
  • Http::sendPostTo(). Http::sendGetTo(). Http::getDataUrl(). Http::copyDataUrl();
  • Dir::create(). Dir::listFiles();
  • File::exists(). File::create(). File::write(). File::writeoverride(). File::remove(). File::read(). File::readallline(). File::getcontenttype(). File::getmodifytime(). File::getcreatetime(). File::getextension(). File::getsize(). File::move(). File::copy(). File::rename(). File::name();
  • Uri::getNext(). Uri::has(). Uri::match(). Uri::pattern();
  • Fileupload::isValid(). Fileupload::move(); Fileupload::getRealPath(). Fileupload::getClientOriginalName(). Fileupload:getSize(). Fileupload::getMimeType();
  • Alert::make();
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