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BlueGin Game Engine

BlueGin is a C++ game engine for Android.  

- Based on a port of the Flixel game engine
- Uses the Cinder framework for OpenGL rendering 
- Provides a manager for packing and accessing assets
- Includes a desktop runtime, for testing and optimizing on PC at native speeds

Recommended setup

BlueGin requires the Android native development kit (NDK) r8 for building.  On
the desktop it is linked with Cinder and Boost.  The Android runtime requires
Boost to build.

1.  Install Cinder including Boost v1.48 (or newer)

2.  Set an environment variable BOOST_SRC to point to your Boost path
    (e.g. /src/Cinder/boost) 

3.  Build BlueGin game engine (native and Java libraries)

% cd bluegin
% android update project --path .     /* use android.bat on Windows */
% ndk-build
% ant debug

4.  Build individual samples

% cd samples/<SAMPLE>
% python ../../tools/ data    /* for FlxMode only, see below */
% ndk-build
% ant debug

The asset packer script (tools/ requires Python and the Python Imaging
Library.  It copies assets specified in a resource.pack file and packs textures
for sprite batching.  Identifiers from a resource.pack file are used to select
assets in code.