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Open SMS Locator

Our app helps find and rescue a missing person even if they’re unconscious and unable to use their phone.

It works without internet connection.

  • For parents: text a code word to your child’s mobile phone to find out where they are;
  • For senior citizens: If you’re lost in the forest, you can easily communicate your coordinates to the rescue services, even if you are out of mobile internet coverage;
  • For hikers, hunters and extreme sports lovers: in case of injury, your friends or family may quickly locate your phone and call the ambulance;
  • Even if you drop your mobile phone out in the wild, you can easily locate it!

It is free of charge and doesn’t require an online login.

Three modes of operation:

  1. automatic reply with the coordinates to a code word text message;
  2. automatic texting of current coordinates on a regular interval (for instance, every hour);
  3. automatic texting of current coordinates to a trusted contact by pressing a hotkey.

It’s easy: just enter your trusted contact number and a code word (such as “1234”). If your phone receives a message containing your code word (“1234”), the application will automatically reply to the sender with a text message containing your current coordinates.

It’s safe: the two phones communicate directly via SMS, without going online, and avoiding services of third parties.

It’s thrifty: the application saves your battery life. It runs in the background and activates when it’s time to send a message with coordinates.

It’s informative: a message contains phone’s current coordinates, their accuracy (in meters), exact time of locating and the battery power.

Note: You will be charged for a standard text message according to your current mobile phone plan. It is a Beta version. Please, do not hesitate to report bugs!

Localized to two languages (Russian and English, depending on your phone’s OS language)


Our app helps find and rescue a missing person even if they’re unconscious and unable to use their phone







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