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Safex Wallet v0.0.8 Migration Enhanced

In this version a safe guard was added to the migration process during the time when setting the halves of a safex address. What was replaced is a timer, that insufficiently delayed the process for a transaction to go into network prior to allowing the second half to be set. In cases of laggy internet connections this would lead people to be stuck with only one half set.

Anyone in this situation should download this wallet, and reset the migration process, reselect the key they had already used from a drop down menu, or make a new key. Any burned Safe Exchange Coins will only go to the next properly configured key, so you can not lose burns as long as you complete a Safex Address.

Further fixes are around the price fetcher for Safex Token, now it is adjusted and properly reflects price feed.


File Name Sha256
SafexWallet-0.0.8-osx.dmg cda29c28e91dc1e11349c8439a8fc0997fca679983dda06893fb8c98df9a02cd
SafexWallet.Setup.0.0.8.exe 157bd911964a85bc58afbd81ce958ccd80d7e82f655c2c07bc3a369359acecb8
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