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Project Open NanoCarbon - Horseshoe Bay Repository is the main repository for Project Open NanoCarbon which will contain open source designs, schematics, documents, and software tools to further the main project effort to solidify carbon from atmospheric CO2.

| ONC Main Site | ONC wiki | ONC Meetup | ONC Chat |

More files, designs, code will be added at the project moves from research to engineering.

How to Contribute

Read the main site:

Read the main page of the wiki, it will contain the latest status of this project and any updates.

Subscribe to the meetup:

Say hi on chat:

Clone the desired repo in Horseshoe Bay on

Log in, or create a user account to the wiki. Select 'Log in' in the upper right hand corner of the wiki to log in or have the option to create a new account.

Start experimenting and building.


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