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beanstalk java client library and command-line.
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# Beanstemc

A Java beanstalkd client library and command-line.

## Library Usage

    Beanstemc beanstemc = new Beanstemc('host', 11300);
    Job job = beanstemc.reserve();

## Command-line Usage

    java -jar Beanstemc.jar <host> <port> put <tube> <string>
    java -jar Beanstemc.jar <host> <port> put <tube> <file>
    java -jar Beanstemc.jar <host> <port> watch <tube1,tube2,...,tubeN> <prefix>
    java -jar Beanstemc.jar <host> <port> stats
    java -jar Beanstemc.jar <host> <port> listtubes
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