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SAGA-based Pilot-Job Implementation for Compute and Data

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The SAGA BigJob framework is a SAGA-based pilot job implementation. The Simple API for Grid Applications (SAGA) is a high-level, easy-to-use API for accessing distributed resources. SAGA BigJob supports a wide range of application types, and is usable over a broad range of infrastructures, i.e., it is general-purpose, extensible and interoperable. Unlike other common pilot job systems SAGA BigJob (i) natively supports MPI job and (ii) works on a variety of back-end systems, generally reflecting the advantage of using a SAGA-based approach.

Web Page & Mailing List

Web page:

Mailing list:


$ curl -o
$ python $HOME/.bigjob/python/
$ . $HOME/.bigjob/python/bin/activate

See for further information. The Wiki includes among many things information on how to setup BigJob on various machines, e.g. on XSEDE (Ranger, Kraken) or FutureGrid.

Configuration of Redis Coordination Backend

BigJob requires Redis for communication between BigJob manager/agent. Use the following steps to install Redis.

Mac Homebrew:

brew install redis redis-tools 

Linux: Download Redis Currently only tested with Redis 2.2.12

$ tar -xzvf redis-2.2.12.tar.gz
$ cd redis-2.2.12
$ make
$ make install (if root)

Start Redis (redis-server executable is located in src/ dir):

cd src


Please modify COORDINATION_URL on top of example to the correct Redis backend!

Development & Packaging


Building PyPi package

python build

Upload to PyPi

python sdist upload
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