BigJob Tutorial

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This tutorial will walk you through the installation as well as the most important features of BigJob. Many of these examples illustrate common workflow usages as well as distributed data movement.


  • You are familiar with Linux or UNIX
  • You can read and write Python code
  • You can use SSH and understand how public and private keys work
  • You understand the basic concepts of distributed computing

You will learn how to:

  • Install BigJob into user space on your own machine or XSEDE resource
  • Learn to submit multiple jobs through a 'container job' to either your local machine or a remote resource
  • Write a program that runs multiple jobs to form a simple ensemble workflow
  • Write programs that demonstrate more complex, frequently used workflows
  • Use file transfer capabilities to transfer input files to the location of an executable


Additional information about BigJob can be found on the website: A comprehensive API documentation is available at

Feedback and questions are always more than welcome and help us to improve our tutorial material. Please check out the Wiki Main Page to learn how you can join our mailing-lists.