A simple multi-threaded Python application to download images from a thread on 4chan.
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To use, simply pass the thread as a command line argument
$ python imagescraper.py http://boards.4chan.org/g/res/15898894

Which will create (if it doesn't exist) a g/15898894/ directory and download the images to that location.
You may also give links to 4chan boards as arguments.

This is the help message produced by the -h option:
usage: imagescraper.py [-h] [--version] [-t n] [-o directory] [-q] [-k]
                       [-l [time]]
                       links [links ...]

Download images from 4chan into a directory hierarchy.

positional arguments:
  links                 links to 4chan threads or boards

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show the version of this program and exit
  -t n, --threads n     number of threads to use for multi-threading
  -o directory, --output directory
                        where to create the directory hierarchy
  -q, --quiet           do not print messages to screen
  -k, --keep-names      keep original names on images
  -l [time], --listen [time]
                        download images continually from link, accepts an
                        optional format string for time where you specify
                        minutes with m and seconds with s example: "1m30s"

I initially don't really plan to work on this very much but I have some ideas, feel free to mail me with ideas for features or bugs at trulses@gmail.com