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Static lua compiler - Compile Lua code into C code.

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README for slua

=== Requires ===

=== Compile ===
 * mkdir build
 * cd build
 for Release build:
 * cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
 for Debug build:
 * cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
 * make

=== Install ===
 * make install

=== Patches to lua/src ===
 * Emergency Garbage Collector:
 * LuaCoco-1.1.6: + (x86_64 support added)
 * a few hooks where added to support static compiled functions.

=== Programs ===
 * slua: This command can be used to run Lua script.  It doesn't have JIT support!
 * sluac: This command compiles Lua scripts into C code which calls lua vm ops functions.
 * slua-compiler: This is a bash script that wraps sluac to compile Lua scripts into standalone executables or loadable modules.

=== Libraries ===
 -- static & dynamic libraries for linking into host app.
 * libslua_static.a &

 -- Used for compling Lua scripts to standalone executables.
 * liblua_main.a

=== Using slua ===
'sluac' alone can only compile Lua scripts to Lua bytecode or C code.  A wrapper script called 'slua-compiler' is provided that wraps 'sluac' and gcc.

Compile standalone Lua script:
slua-compiler script.lua
outputs: ./script

Compile Lua script as a module:
slua-compiler -lua-module script.lua
outputs: ./

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