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Day 1 Just made the pledge. Watched Lesson 2
@nabhu123 thanks for mentioning!! I want to invite @annaunger78@mualth if you haven't joined:celebrate: :launch: 🌿 :hero: @annaunger78 thanks!! ❤️❤️ I tagged you last night--did you get my tag from #60daysofudacity?


Day 2 Reading on introducing private and secure AI from Medium Watched Lesson 2


Day 3 Enrolled and reviewed Deep Learning specialization by Andrew Ng Reviewed intro to deep learning Pytorch, Read Slack channels Engaged in correspondence


Day 4 Watched Andrew Ng's Neural Networks and Deep Learning from Coursera. I feel so much better about this course and read on Pytorch


Day 5 Continued watching Andrew Ng's week 2 Logistic Regression as a Neural Network; binary classification, logistic regression


Day 6 Continue with Andrew Ng video from coursera Read apprenticeship application Sign up for leetcode


Day 7 Continuation of Logistic Regression as a Neural Network by Andrew Ng from Coursera


Day 8 Inquiring and answering; corresponding on Slack Read an article from TechCrunch about design and learned that "Trends like programmatic or “AI” design that allow designers to define an algorithm and a set of constraints, and then generate “impossible” shapes out of edgy materials to obtain a result unable to be sketched or sculpted by traditional processes."


Day 9 Form a study group, continued with Andrew Ng video


Day 10 Andrew Ng's continues


Day 11 1️⃣Attended the #wmn_who_code meetup hosted by our lovely @sarahhelena.barmer and @jenashubhangi20. It's my pleasure meeting all these inspiring women from all around the world! So cool!!!:hero: 2️⃣Watched Andrew Ng's from Coursera 3️⃣Corresponded on Slack Many thanks and shout out to: @superbido185@annaunger78@ash3ax@terwey2012@evigiannakou@ellyanalinden@shashi.gharti@temitopeo49@tushtgsingh.05@erikaleeyoon@nabhu123@gruza.agata@mualth Have a lovely Sunday evening from Raleigh, NC, USA!!


Day 12 1️⃣ Corresponded on Slack and joined study groups; #sg_mom-is-wow#sg_novice-ai#sg_planetearth#sg_principia#sg_real_world_ai_proj 2️⃣ Watched Andrew Ng's video; Logistic Regression as a Neural Network 3️⃣ Watched Pedro Domingos: "The Master Algorithm" | Talks at Google 4️⃣ Watched The Quest for the Master Algorithm | Pedro Domingos | TEDxUofW

Feeling much better getting the intuition, clarity behind ML/DL/Neural Network/Bayesian Network and Calculus behind


Day 13

  1. Learned how to document in Github repo (from Day 1-12) #60daysofudacity
  2. Watched Udacity Lesson 2.11; implementing softmax solution
  3. Corresponded on Slack


Day 14

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Continued Logistic Regression as a Neural Network by Andrew Ng's; Python Vectorization, practice questions, programming assignments
  3. Inspired by @Erika Yoon, I decided to write my workout routine here too; kickboxing and yoga


Day 15:

  1. Continued with Andrew Ng's course; Week 3. Shallow Neural Networks.
  2. Initiated and started a discussion about our kids and a possible project in #sg_mom-is-wow with @Helena Barmer and @Eileen after corresponded with @Palak.Udacity
  3. Organized times for virtual meet-ups with #sg_mom-is-wow
  4. Watched 3 videos of Geoffrey Hinton:
  5. I am taking a little pause, a break from acknowledging other scholars today so they can really focus on their work and study
  6. Yoga practice


Day 16:

  1. Attended a virtual meetup with #sg_mom-is-wow with @Helena Barmer @Eileen @Nora @Tesin Dosch
  2. Created #sg_mom-is-wow meetup poll
  3. Corresponded on Slack
  4. Read NYTimes Opinion article on The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition; When will we finally learn we cannot predict people’s character from their appearance?
  5. Watched a lesson on more vectorization examples by Andrew Ng
  6. Today's workout; burpees, jumping jacks, played dodge ball with my kiddo

Happy shout out to @annaSWE @AbdElrhman @Stark @Helena Barmer @Evi @Eileen @Erika Yoon @Nora @Tesin Dosch @Sourav @nabhanpv @Khush @Shashi Gharti @Maria @Berenice @Ellyana Linden @Temitope Oladokun @Tushita Singh :bunny-stars:🎉:cool-doge::hero:


Day 17:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Read 2 articles on AI and its outlook; 1) 7 charts on the future of automation & 2) Will your next job be on Mars?
  3. Watched Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  4. Today's workout: Attended GX Fest; Core together, Power Sculpt, EDGE, Dancy Party Have a serene, restful Sat night!! @Siddharth Srivastava @Helena Barmer @annaSWE @Erika Yoon @Mateusz @Oudarjya Sen Sarma @Stark @Berenice @Evi @Sourav


Day 18:

  1. Corresponded on Slack. Thanks so much for @Stark @nabhanpv @Shashi Gharti @Eileen @Maria @Berenice @Evi @Nora @AbdElrhman @annaSWE @Sourav @Helena Barmer @Oudarjya Sen Sarma and many others for caring, remembering and encouraging me to study and empowering me to keep going and welcoming me to walk with you. I cannot fathom the possibility, the random chance to cross paths with you and have you in my life. You guys are truly amazing!! You make my heart warm and happy.
  2. Watched intro to Neural Networks from Intro to Deep Learning with Pytorch; Udacity
  3. Lead Yoga practice/meditation and made Korean style veggie pancake for friends honoring who are vegetarian/vegan

Wishing all a lovely Sunday night!!!!


Day 19:

  1. Watched webinar of Robert Wagner; practical use of secure & private AI and current challenges.
  2. Watched Introduction to Google Colab for Pytorch Users
  3. Corresponded on Slack
  4. Checked on next meeting date for #sg_mom-is-wow
  5. Listened to Steve Jobs's commencement speech at Standford 2005 Highlights: "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart. [...] No one wants to die. ... And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." 6. Today's workout: Walked on the track for 30 minutes

Remembering all the amazing scholars!! @annaSWE @Evi @nabhanpv @Sourav @Erika Yoon @Helena Barmer @Shashi Gharti @Maria @Berenice @Eileen @Nora @Nora @AbdElrhman @Khush @Ellyana Linden @Frida @Tesin Dosch @Oudarjya Sen Sarma @Temitope Oladokun


Day 20:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Read Google Protest Leader Leaves, Warns of Company's Unchecked Power Highlights: "Google, in the conventional pursuit of quarterly earnings, is gaining significant and largely unchecked power to impact our world (including in profoundly dangerous ways, such as accelerating the extraction of fossil fuels and the deployment of surveillance technology)," she wrote in a blog on Tuesday. "How this vast power is used — who benefits and who bears the risk — is one of the most urgent social and political (and yes, technical) questions of our time." [...] "People in the AI field who know the limitations of this tech, and the shaky foundation on which these grand claims are perched, need to speak up, loudly. The consequences of this kind of BS marketing are deadly (if profitable for a few)," Whittaker wrote on Twitter on Sunday."
  3. Set up #sg_mom-is-wow 2nd virtual meeting
  4. Yoga Thank you for all your support and care!! Cheers:celebrate:🎉:launch:🌿:bunny-stars:


Day 21:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Thanks to @AbdElrhman, read "Do You Understand The Difference Between Deep Learning And Neural Networks?"
  3. Thanks to @Erika Yoon, watched "How to Replace MATLAB with Python Part 2" and revisited
  4. Watched "Max Pooling in Conventional Neural Networks explained"
  5. Today's workout: Cardio dance


Day 22:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Organized and held #sg_mom-is-wow 2nd virtual meet up with @Helena Barmer @Shashi Gharti @Tesin Dosch @Evi @Marianna Janczak
  3. Read about an app; FaceApp uses neural networks that encourage the unsuspecting public to freely give away their data to the concealed identity behind the app and its consequences and implications on why it's dangerous and how we can protect ourselves.
  4. Reviewed; a website you can join and work on a project that creates an algorithm to distinguish dogs from cats
  5. Went to a local tech-management meetup in the place of exercising time.

Day 23:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Created a summary of #sg_mom-is-wow documentation over past 2 virtual meetups and submitted to @Palak.Udacity @akshit.udacity
  3. Read an article titled, "Curious About Consciousness? Ask the Self-Aware Machines" an interview with Hod Lipson, a roboticist who runs the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University
  4. Exercise: I am out of town helping a family member and timely I was reminded to be solid, calm and without fear to take care all things well.

I am sharing a powerful quote by Thich Nhat Hanh as we are learning Deep Learning and beyond as a collective community.

"I am inviting you to go deeper, to learn and to practice so that you become someone who has great capacity for being solid, calm and without fear, because our society needs people like you who have these qualities, and your children, our children, need people like you, in order to go on, in order to become solid, and calm and, without fear."

Sending a "solid, calm and without fear presence" to @Helena Barmer @Stark @Berenice @Erika Yoon @Evi @annaSWE @Marianna Janczak @Maria @Tesin Dosch @Shashi Gharti @nabhanpv @Nora @Eileen @AbdElrhman @Ayesha Manzur and @Frida


Day 24:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attended a meetup on HCI, #sg_study_jahm with @Helena Barmer @Anju Mercian @Sourav @Jess @Frida @Ateniola Oluwatobi Victor @Temitope Oladokun @Rupesh@susyjam @Stark @Shivam Raisharma @AnitaHad a lively and insightful conversation dealing with the real-life, everyday issues; the generation difference we face today; how to approach non-face to face, non-physical interaction vs. go out and play with friends -- face to face physical interactions and interested in answering "what is the right thing to do as a parent?", Elon Musk's Neurallinks, Human-Computer Interactions ... etc.
  3. Meetup with #sg_pytorch-robotics. It was great to e-meet you all @Jess @Mohammad Diab @Shashi Gharti @Joyce @Elena Kutanov@Mateusz @Venkata Rathnam Muralidharan @Erika Yoon @Temitope Oladokun @Sergio Valderrama @Dammy @Suraiya Khan @Marwa @Md. Mahedi Hasan Riday @Sridhar Ethiraj @Joyce Obi @Sourav @Ayesha Manzur @Helena Barmer @Ahmed MAGDY EISSA @Oudarjya Sen Sarma@Muhammad Naufil @Sarah Majors @Sushil Ghimire @yasser albarbary@LauraT @Labiba and we brainstormed about robotics using a raspberry pi (or not), Microcontrollers, and big-picture AI :star-struck:
  4. Watched Yoda of computer science, Donald Knuth - My advice to young people (93/97), thanks @andreiliphd for the great find!
  5. Exercise: I am still out of town helping a family member and I hope to be able to practice yoga when I return back home later. Thanks a million, everyone whom I e-met and e-remet today and will meet tomorrow!! Thinking of @annaSWE @Evi @AbdElrhman @Eileen @Nora @nabhanpv @iso. @sarang @Marianna Janczak @Berenice @Maria and many others! I invite @yasser albarbary to this channel. I leave one of my favorite thinkers, dreamers, visionaries, Bucky Fuller's words with you which reminded me during our conversation in the meetings which begs your undivided attention with care and thoughtful response as a student who is studying, developing, growing closely with technology for humanity: "Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons."


Day 25:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Thanks @Archit for writing Google Colab Notebook for Lesson 7 Federated Learning.
  3. Read YOLO Object Detection with OpenCV
  4. Read
  5. Started reading "A Rookie's Guide to Raspberry Pi from Udemy Thanks @Ayesha Manzur for the great find!!
  6. Lead yoga practice Keep on keeping on and wishing you a lovely Sunday night! @Helena Barmer @Stark @Evi @annaSWE @Shashi Gharti @nabhanpv @Berenice @Maria @Marianna Janczak @Erika Yoon @Sourav @Eileen @AbdElrhman @Ayesha Manzur @Nora @Frida @Tesin Dosch @Ellyana Linden @Sankalp Dayal @Samuela Anastasi @Jess @Temitope Oladokun @Siddharth Srivastava


Day 26:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Watched a video on how to train a Recurrent Neural Network based on two Raspberry in a distributed way, making use of the PySyft framework
  3. Read
  4. Exercise: Played racketball and walked Thanks everyone who has been persistently encouraging me along with others I am refraining from tagging your name so you can get some rest. I am ever grateful for your support. Thank you!!:thanks: I am encouraging @annaSWE @AbdElrhman :celebrate::star-struck:🌟:bunny-stars:


Day 27:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Registered for the :torch_heart_changing_slow:PyTorch Summer Hackathon:torch_heart_changing_slow:
  3. Started watching
  4. I want to read "Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow"
  5. No exercise

Day 28:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Started to preparing for PyTorch Summer Hackathon by reading the official rule
  3. Found and pocketed some readings: 1) “The Shortest Introduction To Deep Learning You Will Find On The Web” ( 🤓 :torch_heart_big: 2) Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) in 50 lines of code (PyTorch)
  4. Attended the :androidrobo:Robotics webinar :androidrobo: lead by @Temitope Oladokun :robot_face: #sg_pytorch-robotics and moderated by @Helena Barmer :robot_face: it was great to e-meet you @cibaca @Vipul Aggarwal @Mateusz @Jess @Ayesha Manzur @Madalin Mamuleanu @Md. Mahedi Hasan Riday @susyjam@Sourav @Dmytro Martyniuk @Aren Stark @Ebinbin Ajagun @Marwa. :star-struck:
  5. Went to a local meetup
  6. Exercise: Went to the swimming pool and walked in the water with a friend Sending happy thoughts your way:bunny-stars:🌟:torch_heart_big: @Helena Barmer @Stark @Evi @annaSWE @Shashi Gharti @Berenice @nabhanpv @Sourav @Sankalp Dayal @Samuela Anastasi @Maria @Erika Yoon @Eileen @AbdElrhman @Ayesha Manzur @Temitope Oladokun @Ellyana Linden @Tesin Dosch @Frida @Nora @iso. @Jess @Khush @Ebinbin Ajagun @Marianna Janczak @Muhammad Naufil @Nikita Sukhwal :bunny-stars:🌟:torch_heart_big:


Day 29:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Watched Introduction and Parts - Raspberry Pi and Python tutorials p.1:
  3. Found 2 interesting study materials and saved them for later: 📎 What is NLP? (An overview of the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP), including key areas, commonly used tools and Python libraries, debate within the field as more ML methods are adapted, and ethical issues.) 📎 Using Deep Learning to Classify a Reddit User by their Myers-Briggs Personality Type
  4. Joined #sg_wonder_vision upon receiving an invitation by @Helena Barmer and attended a virtual meeting moderated by @Helena Barmer, @Edgar Villegas shared his personal project via screen share and explained what/how/why he did -- helpful. It was nice to have a meeting with @Mahak Bansal @Joyce Obi @Shashi Gharti @Seeratpal K. Jaura @Edgar Villegas @Pooja Vinod @Sourav @Shudipto Trafder@Alejandro Galindo @Arunn @Abhishek Tandon @Rupesh Purum @susyjam @Vamsi@Jess @medhagupta098 @James Korge
  5. Hosted #sg_mom-is-wow 3rd virtual meeting. It was really :awesome-ball::awesome-ball: :awesome-ball: :awesome-ball: AWESOME :awesome-ball: :awesome-ball: :awesome-ball: :awesome-ball: to have all of you, hear your experiences/concerns and thoughts/feelings, moms/mums and mom-to-be @Helena Barmer @Eileen @annaSWE @Tesin Dosch @Shashi Gharti @Laura A @Nora @Ayesha Manzur :clapping::clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
  6. Exercise: No exercise, instead I spent time making Mac and Cheese and baked Outrageous Brownies for my kiddo and his friend Sending deep gratitude, "Thank you!!!" :thanks::thank-you: :thank-you: @annaSWE @Helena Barmer @Shashi Gharti @Evi @Shashi Gharti @Stark @Erika Yoon @Temitope Oladokun @Tesin Dosch @Nora @Eileen @Ayesha Manzur @Maria @nabhanpv @Khush @Maria @Sourav @AbdElrhman @Samuela Anastasi @Sankalp Dayal @Berenice @Frida @Ellyana Linden @Jess @susyjam


Day 30:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Prepared for PyTorch Summer Hackathon:
  3. Read: Highlights and my thoughts: "Goncharov said those terms were so broad because he had planned earlier to turn FaceApp into a "social network for faces." "To do this kind of product, our privacy policy had to be very similar to what Instagram had. Our current privacy policy is very similar to what Instagram has ... but nobody blames Instagram, because it's Instagram," he adds." and the public wasn't aware of it nor the mainstream media didn't cover this privacy policy. This likely happened because he is Russian, to serve as propaganda, to heighten public awareness along with politics -- he is getting attention."
  4. Read: Highlights: "A checkout-free future might be closer than you think, thanks to startups like Standard Cognition. The San Francisco-based company, whose patented platform uses cameras and algorithms to keep tabs on customers as they peruse store shelves, nabbed $40 million in series A funding last November and a partnership with Paltac in Japan that will see its autonomous checkout solution deployed in 3,000 stores. On the heels of this success, it’s secured $35 million in a series B round led by the EQT Ventures fund, with participation from existing investors Initialized Capital, CRV, and Y Combinator."
  5. Exercise: No exercise instead I used the time to do my laundry and helped others.
    I want to express my deep gratitude, :thanks: "Thank you!!!" :thank-you: and 🎉 I celebrate you!! :ddance: have a lovely and restful weekend!!! @annaSWE @Helena Barmer @Yemi @Erika Yoon @Shashi Gharti @Ayesha Manzur @Maria @Evi @Eileen @Stark @Berenice @nabhanpv @Sourav @AbdElrhman @Temitope Oladokun @susyjam @Ellyana Linden @Frida @Nora @Elena Kutanov @Jess @Samuela Anastasi @Tesin Dosch @Khush @Sankalp Dayal @Oudarjya Sen Sarma


Day 31:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Wrote and submitted a summary of #sg_mom-is-wow 3rd virtual meetup to @Palak.Udacity and @akshit.udacity
  3. :linked_paperclips:
  4. Attended a virtual meetup, #sg_study_jahm along with scholars lead by @Helena Barmer @Anju Mercian and @Jess
  5. Attended #sg_pytorch-robotics virtual meetup with @Muhammad Naufil @Bhanujeet Choudhary @Elena Kutanov @Mohammad Diab @Dammy @Joyce Obi @Joyce @Marwa @Helena Barmer @Oudarjya Sen Sarma @Jess @Mateusz @qursaan @Suraiya Khan @Anju Mercian @Sourav @Ahmed MAGDY EISSA @Ayesha Manzur@Nancy Al Aswad @Droid @Laura A @susyjam @Harkirat @Vipul Aggarwal
  6. Watched how Snapchat and Instagram filters work; #computervision #privacy #data #lackofregulations #AR
  7. Read
  8. Reviewed and learned about Adam Harvey, a researcher and artist based in Berlin focused on computer vision, privacy and surveillance and his projects;
  9. Exercise: 15 minutes of Yoga practice and meditation Sending happy summer sunshine to all of you!! Thank you!! Have a good rest!☀️


Day 32:

  1. Corresponded on Slack :slack:
  2. Attended Deep Learning with Pytorch webinar with :torch_heart_big: @Salomon @Perez Ogayo @Vipul Aggarwal :torch_heart_big:
  3. :linked_paperclips: thanks to :clapping:@Ishan Arora :clapping:shared his recommendations: and Python for Data analysis - ➡️Python Quick Reference sheet - ➡️Python Machine Learning Tutorial - ➡️All Cheat Sheets in one place - ➡️IBM FREE Cognitive classes for Data Science and Machine Learning - ➡️Data Visualization - ➡️Getting Your First Data Science Job - ➡️DATA SCIENCE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - ➡️EXCEL EXPERT IN NO TIME - ➡️10 Minutes to Pandas - ➡️Numpy 100 Exercises - ➡️Quick Reference Sheet (ML , DL & AI) - ➡️Machine Learning Yearning By Andrew Ng - ➡️MUST READ ARTICLES FOR DATA SCIENCE ENTHUSIAST - ➡️The Algorithms - ➡️Coursera Deep Learning Course Notes - ➡️Commonly used Machine Learning Algorithms - ➡️DATA SCIENCE LEARNING PATH FOR COMPLETE BEGINNER - Also one more: DEEP LEARNING COLLECTION-
  4. Read the official rules for :torch_heart_big: PyTorch summer hackathon :torch_heart_big: rules and registered; created by @annaSWE in Google doc and we have a team; @annaSWE @Anju Mercian @Yu Sun and @erinSnPAI :bunny-cat-buddies:
  5. Exercise: Went to the gym and attended a group fitness class called, "Half Time"; HIIT for an hour and after 30 mins for Yoga practice Have a good Sunday night!! :bunny-stars:🌕 :grinning_face_with_star_eyes: :bunny-stars:


Day 33:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attended today's #sg_wonder-vision meetup with @Helena Barmer @Shashank Jain @Sreekanth Zipsy @Abhishek Tandon @Deasy Indrawati @Anshu Trivedi @Seeratpal K. Jaura @Pooja Vinod @Joyce Obi @James Korge @Arunn @Jess @Vamsi @nabhanpv @Droid @Sourav @Shashi Gharti then divided into a smaller group, Face Detection Group with @Seeratpal K. Jaura @Vamsi @Joyce Obi @Sourav @James Korge @Rupesh Purum @Anshu Trivedi @Md. Mahedi Hasan Riday and we discussed: -> Dataset to work on -> create a git repo so that everyone can find the links easily and contribute -> discuss preprocessing and postprocessing All these ideas will be discussed in detail in next meetup along with: -> discuss architecture and model -> dataset to work on links:
  3. :torch_heart_big:Preparing for PyTorch Summer Hackathon:torch_heart_big:: together with @annaSWE @Anju Mercian and @Yu Sun
  4. Exercise: indoor walking for 20 mins. Have a nice week everyone!!


Day 34:

  1. Corresponded on Slack; made a poll for Face Detection Group with @Abhishek Tandon, #sg_wonder_vision
  2. Preparing for :torch_heart_big:PyTorch Summer Hackathon with @annaSWE @Anju Mercian and @Yu Sun :torch_heart_big:
  3. :linked_paperclips:, :thanks:thanks for the nice find :thank-you:@annaSWE :thank-you:
  4. Exercise: No exercise but instead I read some nice words during the day. And one of them I will share here:

“It may well seem to you that the sun is shining more brightly and that everything has taken on a new charm. That, at any rate, is the inevitable consequence of true love, I believe, and it is a wonderful thing. And I also believe that those who hold that no one thinks clearly when in love are wrong, for it is at just that time that one thinks very clearly indeed and is more energetic than one was before. And love is something eternal, it may change in aspect but not in essence. And there is the same difference between someone who is in love and what he was like before as there is between a lamp that is lit and one that is not. The lamp was there all the time and it was a good lamp, but now it is giving light as well and that is its true function. And one has more peace of mind about many things and so is more likely to do better work.” –– Vincent van Gogh (Source: Letter to Theo van Gogh, The Hague, 21-28 March 1883)

Sending Van Gogh's reflections to everyone everywhere!!


Day 35:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attended the webinar Introduction to Embedded Systems with @Madalin Mamuleanu from #sg_pytorch-robotics, moderated by :launch: amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing :launch: @Helena Barmer😍goddess 👸:launch: A wonderful webinar prepared, presented and Q&A answered by @Madalin Mamuleanu I send :hypnotoad: crazy :hypnotoad: hyponotoad :hypnotoad: vibe :hypnotoad: to all who attended the webinar @Helena Barmer @Bhadresh Savani @Ahmed MAGDY EISSA @Oudarjya Sen Sarma @Bearbear @Shashi Gharti @Jess@Ingus Terbets@cibaca @Sushil Ghimire @Suparna S Nair @Joyce Obi @Stark @Sourav@Dmytro Martyniuk @Temitope Oladokun @Sarah Majors @Labiba @Vipul Aggarwal @Mateusz @susyjam @Aren Stark @Aisha Javed @Dammy @Shivam Raisharma
  3. Continued to preparing for :torch_heart_changing_slow:PyTorch Summer Hackathon:torch_heart_changing_slow: with @annaSWE @Yu Sun and @Anju Mercian
  4. Posted #sg_mom-is-wow a reminder meeting note on Slack and Facebook
  5. Exercise: Went to the gym and did Turbo Kick for 30 mins and 20 mins yoga practice I also send :hypnotoad: one :hypnotoad: wild :hypnotoad: hyponotoad :hypnotoad: energy to all moms out in the world doing their best with everything they have and don't have, loving, caring and giving, always giving, and giving their best to their children, partners/spouses/families/friends/coworkers/strangers ... etc. :beatingheart:Thank you, moms-mums :beatingheart: Tagging #sg_mom-is-wow group, :clapping::clapping::bunny-stars::bunny-stars:@Marianna Janczak@Nora @Shashi Gharti @Suraiya Khan@Tesin Dosch @AbdElrhman @akshit.udacity @Alaa Emad @Andy @Anita Goldpergel@annaSWE @Ayesha Manzur@Deepu @Daniela Cardona @Deasy Indrawati @Eileen @Helena Barmer @Palak.Udacity @Katrine Chow and @Krishna Chari:beatingheart::beatingheart: :beatingheart:


Day 36:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attended #sg_wonder_vision meeting moderated by 🌟@Helena Barmer 🌺along with :awesome-ball:@Shashi Gharti @Edgar Villegas @Cynthia-C. @Mahak Bansal @Sreekanth Zipsy @Pooja Vinod @Viper @Jess @Temitope Oladokun @Rupesh Purum @prantoran @Suraiya Khan @Vigneshwari @nabhanpv @James Korge @Anshu Trivedi :awesome-ball:
  3. Attended #sg_mom-is-wow meeting with :fbheart:@Nora :fbheart:@Laura A :fbheart:@Ayesha Manzur 🌺
  4. Had :torch_heart_love:PyTorch Summer Hackathon:torch_heart_love: prep virtual meeting with @annaSWE @Yu Sun and @Anju Mercian and learned something valuable -- "sarcasm can hurt people's feeling". What we consider as clever and funny could have a painful effect on some people and we want to be considerate of others -- we don't want to hurt other people's feeling. Another one is there's no such thing as superior or inferior among people but everyone has their own talents and gifts and bring them to the table to share, to strengthen and to harmonize the entire picture. We need each other. We complement each other. We must remember this and be the light of what we know. Thanks @annaSWE for reminding us!! :thanks::beatingheart:
  5. Exercise: Yoga practice


Day 37:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Wrote and submitted #sg_mom-is-wow 4th virtual meeting to @akshit.udacity and @Palak.Udacity and updated about next week's meeting on the #sg_mom-is-wow channel
  3. Continued preparing for :torch_heart_love: PyTorch Summer Hackathon with :fbheart: @annaSWE @Anju Mercian and @Yu Sun :fbheart:
  4. Exercise: No exercise but getting ready to go out of town; cleaning and organizing Sending warm thoughts with Mary Oliver's words for all beings everywhere:

“Things take the time they take. Don't worry. How many roads did St. Augustine follow before he became St. Augustine?”

― Mary Oliver

🙏 :beatingheart:


Day 38:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Getting ready for PyTorch Summer Hackathon
  3. Exercise: No exercise but traveling


Day: 39

  1. Attended PATE ANALYSIS WEBINAR by @Ateniola Oluwatobi Victor where he discussed differential privacy and also how to approach and tackle the PATE analysis final project for the Differential privacy in Deep learning section. Thanks so much, @Archit for tagging me and many others to attend the webinar to learn and thanks a million @Ateniola Oluwatobi Victor for preparing, making your time to explaining the difficult concept, "Thank You!!" It was nice attending the webinar with you! @Mushrifah Hasan @Seeratpal K. Jaura @Jess@akshu18 @Sourav @Ivy @Raunak Sarada@Alexander Villasoto @Ayush Yadav @Gogulaanand R @Ebinbin Ajagun @cibaca @Nishant Bharat :clapping:

  2. Thanks, @Vipul Aggarwal for reminding me and spreading words to many channels to join @Salomon's Webinar on Deep learning by Pytorch part 2. Thanks @Salomon for making time and help us to learn!!! Excellent teacher!! :thank-you:

  3. Pinned and thanks @Yu Sun "BEST VIDEO intro to differential privacy This link is posted before but the 10,000 message limit is preventing me from finding the post." I will check it out!!

  4. Exercise: Walked 30 mins


Day 40:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attended Superclass, Twilio SIGNAL Conference. Saw and witnessed AI Cafe and AI noodle vending machine in Matreon Mall in San Francisco, CA
  3. Exercise: Walking


Day 41:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attended on Twilio Conference and made Misty Robot's head move using JavaScript code
  3. Exercise: No exercise


Day 42:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attending Twilio Conference
  3. Watched
  4. Watched
  5. Watched
  6. Exercise: No exercise


Day 42:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attending PyTorch Summer Hackaton with @annaSWE at Facebook
  3. Exercise: Hacking hard


Day 43:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attending PyTorch Summer Hackathon working on a presentation, day 2
  3. Exercise: No exercise. Hacking continues


Day 44:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Wow! our team, MineTorch won 3rd place #Pytorchsummerhackathon19, incredible joy, and celebration, :star-struck:😍🌟bringing a couple of Oculus and more home hacking last 2 days, Facebook in Menlo Park, CA. It's been an incredible, unreal experience meeting, engaging and creating with the brightest minds🧠😀💗🤓; researchers, developers, founders -- the creator of PyTorch and the entire team, the people whom I watch, read, study and talk about from a distance that is a virtual distance, are actually real people with bodies and minds, of course, thoughts and feelings, smiles. My kiddo, E, "Thank you and love", came with me, sat and hacking next to me the first day. Unreal but real. Thanks everyone for all the support! With deep love #DL #Pytorch #Facebook #Udacity #Inclusiondiversity #hackathon #ai #eucationforall #CA


Day 45:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. reading


Day 46:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Reading;


Day: 47:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Read about Secure & Private AI Blog competition:


Day 48:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Posted a reminder note #sg_mom-is-wow, 6th meeting on Facebook and Slack
  3. Settling down from the trip :bunny-stars: and reviewing the paperwork from PyTorch Summer Hackathon:tensorflow_pytorch:


Day 49:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Hosted #sg_mom-is-wow 6th meeting and had an intimate nice discussion with @Ayesha Manzur :star-struck: Shared and reflected my experience doing the PyTorch Summer Hackathon and my observation visiting and seeing from outside in; the San Francisco Bay Area.


Day 50:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Wrote up and submitted #sg_mom-is-wow 6th meeting summary to @Palak.Udacity and @akshit.udacity
  3. Rescheduled #sg_mom-is-wow 7th meeting for next week


Day 51:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Read:


Day 52:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Read 3 articles:
  2. "AI could account for as much as one-tenth of the world’s electricity use by 2025."
  3. "The computations required for deep learning research have been doubling every few months, resulting in an estimated 300,000x increase from 2012 to 2018 [2]. These computations have a surprisingly large carbon footprint [38]. Ironically, deep learning was inspired by the human brain, which is remarkably energy efficient. Moreover, the financial cost of the computations can make it difficult for academics, students, and researchers, in particular those from emerging economies, to engage in deep learning research. This position paper advocates a practical solution by making efficiency an evaluation criterion for research alongside accuracy and related measures. In addition, we propose reporting the financial cost or "price tag" of developing, training, and running models to provide baselines for the investigation of increasingly efficient methods. Our goal is to make AI both greener and more inclusive---enabling any inspired undergraduate with a laptop to write high-quality research papers. Green AI is an emerging focus at the Allen Institute for AI. "
  1. Saved PyTorch learning resource, thanks to @AbdElrhman:


Day 53:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Started to reviewing
  3. Studying watch and code


Day 54:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Attending AMA
  3. Studying Watch and Code
  4. Corresponded an email with :torch_heart_big:PyTorch Summer Hackathon:torch_heart_big: and learned of starting PyTorch Medium channel via Facebook and asked to contribute for any contents as they are open for ideas


Day 55:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Posted #sg_mom-is-wow 7th meeting reminder for tomorrow on Slack and Facebook
  3. Started reading an article pinned by @Jess and written by @annaSWE,yet I've found "Key author and contributor @Yu Sun" in the article


Day 56

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Held #sg_mom-is-wow meeting with @Ayesha Manzur
  3. Started reading:
  4. Read:


Day 57:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Started reading: 1) & 2)


Day 58:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Read:



Day 59:

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Wrote and submitted #sg_mom-is-wow meeting summary to @Palak.Udacity and @akshit.udacity


:60daysofudacitybadge: Day 60 :60daysofudacitybadge:!!!

  1. Corresponded on Slack
  2. Wrote a possibly the last announcement for #sg_mom-is-wow Hi @AbdElrhman @Helena Barmer @Marianna Janczak @Shashi Gharti @akshit.udacity @Alaa Emad @Ana Hristian @Andy @Anita Goldpergel @annaSWE@Ayesha Manzur @Deepu @Daniela Cardona @Deasy Indrawati @Eileen @Joyce @Katrine Chow @Krishna Chari @Laura A @Nora @Palak.Udacity @Sandra Namugumya @Suraiya Khan @Tesin Dosch!

The SPAI Challenge is coming to an end in a few days and my kiddo went back to school, the first day of middle school in the break of dawn.🌅I am writing to reach out before you and I become a mere "missed connection". Here is a proposal, purpose. I envision what has yet to come in bullet points below.

• To keep in touch with moms-mums/dads-moms-to-be here #sg_mom-is-wow. • To continue supporting one another; to help each other to be a better version of ourselves. • To do a project(s) together, rooting for each other, our kids and beyond. Let's push and pull each other. • To share opportunity whether career, education, conference, scholarship ... etc. • ("to fill in the blank")

If you are interested in continuing conversation, please leave your :in: :facebook: :twitter: Instagram, email ... etc below. Thank you for everything!! Cheers!


how I studied at least 30 mins per day for 60 days. #UdacityFacebookScholar



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