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$vs-colors: (
lightest: rgba(60, 60, 60, 0.26),
light: rgba(60, 60, 60, 0.5),
dark: #333,
darkest: rgba(0, 0, 0, .15),
) !default;
// Global Component Variables
$vs-component-line-height: 1.4 !default;
$vs-component-placeholder-color: inherit !default;
// Active State
$vs-state-active-bg: #5897fb !default;
$vs-state-active-color: #fff !default;
// Disabled State
$vs-state-disabled-bg: rgb(248, 248, 248) !default;
$vs-state-disabled-color: map_get($vs-colors, 'light') !default;
$vs-state-disabled-controls-color: map_get($vs-colors, 'light') !default;
$vs-state-disabled-cursor: not-allowed !default;
// Borders
$vs-border-width: 1px !default;
$vs-border-style: solid !default;
$vs-border-radius: 4px !default;
$vs-border-color: map_get($vs-colors, 'lightest') !default;
// Component Controls: Clear, Open Indicator
$vs-controls-color: map_get($vs-colors, 'light') !default;
$vs-controls-size: 1 !default;
$vs-controls-deselect-text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #fff;
// Selected
$vs-selected-bg: #f0f0f0 !default;
$vs-selected-border-color: $vs-border-color !default;
$vs-selected-border-style: $vs-border-style !default;
$vs-selected-border-width: $vs-border-width !default;
// Dropdown
$vs-dropdown-z-index: 1000 !default;
$vs-dropdown-min-width: 160px !default;
$vs-dropdown-max-height: 350px !default;
$vs-dropdown-box-shadow: 0px 3px 6px 0px map_get($vs-colors, 'darkest') !default;
$vs-dropdown-bg: #fff !default;
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