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Organize and search your favourite music modules
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Mod Library
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Mod Library

Mod Library is a database for managing and searching your favourite music modules. Thanks to libopenmpt, it supports a wealth of different module formats.

Alpha Stage!

This software is currently in a very early development stage. Many things are still expected to change. Since there has been no "official" release yet, you should not expect that the database schema remains stable until that release.

Later versions of the software will naturally support schema upgrades (the code for this does already exist), but until the first release, the schema version will stay at version 1. In the worst case, you will have to delete the database file and recreate your module database.


Mod Library is written in C++ using Visual Studio 2015. It should also work on various other compilers on operating systems other than Windows, but this is currently untested. Mod Library has the following external dependencies:


Mod Library was created by Johannes Schultz. You can contact me through my websites:

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