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#OpenGL Gravitation physics graphics API

##Usage: Build the sample project included within /xcode to demo the features of this graphics API.

#include "ParticleSystem.h"

//Create a New System
ParticleSystem system;

###Resolution By default the resolution of each sphere is automatically computed to optimize performance. However you can set the resolution of the sphere using the following method.

//Set resolution of each particle. By default it is automatic.
system.setResolution(int res);

To switch back to auto-resolution run system.setResolution(-1);

###Ways to add particles

//1 Random
system.add(int NUMBER_OF_PARTICLES); 

//2 Custom
system.add(Particle p);

###Ways to create particles

Particle p1 = Particle(); //random

Particle p2 = Particle(Vec3f position, Vec3f initial_velocity, float radius, float mass);

Particle p3 = Particle(Vec3f position, Vec3f initial_velocity, float radius, float mass, bool isLightSource);



Implemented using Newton's law of universal gravitation and Cinder.


  1. Add conservation of energy and use Einstein's Field Equations.
  2. Make system account for object geometries and shapes.
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