iOS application for communicating to an arduino controlling a robot through wifi
Objective-C C
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DiscoTech Controller.xcodeproj
DiscoTech Controller


iOS application using UDP to send commands from an iPhone to an Arduino MEGA2560 with Ethernet shield.

Controls include:

-- Arcade style drive (throttle, steering)
-- Full range of head motion (for robot)
-- Left and right arms move up and down
-- Button to switch LED display patterns

How it works:

-- uses cocos2d for joystick and button inputs
-- takes in position of joysticks and converts to a scale of 0-255
-- converts those values to ASCII unsigned char to be send over UDP
-- simple!


-- this was an upgrade from using HTML GET commands to send data
-- it is now much faster!
-- but it is now very important to add markers in your data you know are there for the receiving side