Application for Simulating simple Electronic Circuits
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Virtual Digital Trainer (VDT)

Virtual Digital Trainer is a simple application made in Python. It provides the dashboard to simulate the simple logic circuits and to verify them. It is similar to Electronics workbench, though it is not that advanced.


For this application to work you need install the Python 2.7. In windows the "Tkinter" module (library file for GUI in Python) is installed along with the python2.7 but in Ubuntu you have to install it separately. Along with it you will need another module called Easygui.

To install in ubuntu execute the following command-

$ sudo apt-get install python-tk python-easygui


Run the file

$ ./

It will take sometime to initialized. Now you will have the main window. Click on the gate-buttons below the menu bar and Double-click on the work-area, the gate will appear. Now using the middle button dragging it you can create connections between the gates. Right click on the gate will pop a window for inputs to the gate. At least one seven segment is required for the circuit to simulate. After all connections check click on final connections button and verify the connections. At last click on the simulate button to activate the circuit. I have used some images in the project so comment them before running it.

vdt image


You cannot simulate circuits which has more number of gates. It works on only on Windows.

Suggestions, Comments

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