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Wiki Bee

Bee is an explicit, readable and efficient computer language inspired from Ada and Python:


Bee is an explicit language with these design principles:

  1. If is not readable is wrong;
  2. Freedom is better than restriction;
  3. Explicit is better than implicit;
  4. Versatile is better than pure;
  5. Proactive is better than reactive;
  6. Precise is better than perfect;
  7. Efficient is better than fast;
  8. Local is better than global;
  9. Flat is better than nested;
  10. A single way is good enough;


To understand Bee you need English and mathematics.

  • Use full English keywords;
  • Use Extended ASCII symbols;
  • Use intuitive literals;
  • Use structured statements;
  • Use end of block keywords;
  • Has end of line comments;
  • Has multi-line & nested comments;


An efficient language uses less computer resources.

  • Has native types;
  • Has rational numbers;
  • Has fixed point arithmetic;
  • Has two kind of strings;
  • Has λ expressions;
  • Enable array slicing;
  • Enable reference handling;
  • Enable global variables;
  • Enable co-routines;
  • Enable concurrency;

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