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Level Specification

Level is a Program Design Language: PDL. We use full English keywords, to enable spell check in document editor and IDE tools. Syntax of the language is inspired from Ada, Pascal, OCaml and Python.

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Programming Paradigms

Level language is statement based. That means it is an imperative language. However we enable developers to use some ideas from declarative and aspect oriented programming. Level features can be learned in 3 steps. Therefore Level is also known as Level-123.

# Chapter Programming paradigm
1 Level-1 Structured, Imperative, Procedural
2 Level-2 Functional, Parallel, Dynamic
3 Level-3 Declarative, Aspect Oriented

Level Examples

We have created syntax-color.xml configuration file for Notepad++ to edit Level examples. You can download this file and install Level language using main menu -> language -> define your language -> import.

Level Console

Level is implemented in Python 3.6 with PyCharm IDE. Level console is running on Windows 10 and was not verified on any other platform. Using Level console you can parse Level examples.

Project Code

Level is implemented using PyCharm on Windows:

|---core      --> source code for compiler
|---library   --> this is standard Level library
|---example   --> compiler examples for testing
|---document  --> a minimum documentation
|---test      --> contains test program files
|---output    --> folder for logs and reports
| level.py  --> this is the main program
| read.md   --> this is a wiki page about the language
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