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Wiki Wee

Wee is a minimalist Unicode, statically typed, imperative computer language.

Objectives: REM

  • Readable
  • Efficient
  • Minimalist

Programming paradigms

Wee is imperative, structured language from Algol family. It has user defined data types with methods but is not object oriented. It has function references but is not a functional computer language.


For design we use following basic principles:

  • Freedom is better than restriction;
  • Code documentation is the code;
  • Explicit is better than implicit;
  • Local is better than global;
  • Flat is better than nested;
  • If is not readable is wrong;
  • One way is good enough;


Wee syntax is based on short keywords, rich comments and smart expressions. A project consist of several files that have extension *.wee. Each file contains: compiler directives, comments, declarations and statements. In other words Wee is a statement oriented language. 

  • Wee is case sensitive Unicode language;
  • Wee is using lowercase for all keywords;
  • Type names start with a capital letter;
  • One statement must end with semi-column ";"
  • Public members start with dot "." prefix;

Project files

  • Documentation is versioned in folder /syntax
  • Demo programs you can find in folder /demo


  • Wiki pages and demo source code are created with Notepad++.
  • Custom language files for Notepad++ are in folder: /color

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