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Flask application for showing your dev projects and making login via oAuth2.0
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#devpost This was a submission for project 3 of Udacity's Fullstack nanodegree. The main focus for this project was building the Flask backend so please excuse the rushed design.

The project allows a user to login via a Google account using Oauth2 and create profiles containing a picture, contact info and any projects they would like to show. Each project take a name, picture, description, github URL, and a live demo URL.

##Requirements: The project was tested and developed with:

  • flask 0.10.1 and flask version dependencies (Jinja, etc)
  • python 2.7.10
  • SQL Alchemy 1.0
  • oauth2client
  • SQLite3
  • requests

Notes for grading:

Requirements should be met within the default udacity vagrant setup, but if any problem arises please check imports vs what you have installed.

Category = profile

Project = catalog item should comply with PEP8 standards except camelCase function and variable names due to the style of code in teaching.

##Running the project

  • Clone/download the project files to an environment where requirements are met.

  • click login link in navigation to be taken to login page

  • navigate to project folder and run python

  • Login with google account

  • Once logged in a link will be added to navigation bar to add new profile

  • Once you add a new profile you can create new projects within the profile page

  • edit and delete links will appear at the bottom of each project you create

  • edit and delete profile links are found at the bottom of the profile pages

  • please see API section in for JSON endpoints


Sage Elliott

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